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You deserve an internet experience that transports visitors to your unique

Why, Hello There.

Imagine this: someone lands on your website. They feel so inspired, encouraged, uplifted – all the things YOUR BRAND is about, so they decide to stick around.

They click to your resources, your articles, your services, they explore your shop – they are hanging out in your domain.

This visitor has not just landed on a website, they have entered your universe.

Through customized strategies for your business model coupled with exceptional design and development – your website can become not only a safe, welcoming space for your community – but one of your most important business assets.

The Why

I am here to help women create THEIR space online. A space that is 100% representative of their brand, their mission, their values – and functions to achieve their goals.

I design & develop websites built for longevity, to help women fulfill their wildest business dreams and connect with their community like never before.

Tell me what your vision is & I will be by your side every step of the way until it comes to life.

Let’s build your online world, whatever that looks like for you.

SMC Studio empowers women to step boldly into business, listen to their intuition, and claim the success they are worthy of.

Empathy & Respect

I don’t see clients as sales and profits, but rather, as people. People who are worthy of respect, kindness, empathy, and impeccable service. People who have dreams and visions and fears.

Simplicty & Clarity

If it’s not simple, I’m just not interested. Whether that comes to projects or processes, I strive to be transparent AND clear – tech can be complicated enough on its own, I’m here to bridge the gap.

Female Empowerment

Women are powerful, strong and capable. I am here to give women a voice, help them be seen by the world & lift them up. I believe in the undeniable strength, energy & impact of empowered women.

Fav Case Studies

Weight Loss for Doctors Only

Team SMC has had the great pleasure of working with Katrina Ubell and her brilliant team since 2018. Together, we have created a 1.0 and 2.0 version of their group program portal, Weight Loss for Doctors Only.

For this third round (as we called it, WLDO 3.0) we wanted to make the user experience the star of the show.

We created a dynamic membership portal with all of the most important features including a private Ask & Answer forum (with the ability to save favorites), progress tracking for the curriculum, and custom dashboards for each program group.

“SMC was amazing to work with. Super organized and easy to communicate with. They went with the flow when there were changes from our end and supported our company’s values.

– Lauren

Vivere Co

Lauren was one of those clients where we just absolutely fell in love with her mission & business from day one. She is a productivity & calendar QUEEN and an absolute expert in her field.

We created a dynamic public-facing website with a beautiful storefront for selling her on-demand courses and digital products. We also implemented a full Kajabi course platform to host her courses & paid content.

This website build was minimalism meets strategic design – every element on the site has a purpose and intent. As always, we prioritized the client & visitor journey – from free content like podcasts, articles, and opt-ins to the paid coursework, making the user experience a breeze.

Portfolio Sample by Sam Munoz - Breakup Coach Dorothy Johnson Kajabi Course Portal Build.

“So much over-delivery! Every time I changed my mind, switched directions, or added something – Sam and her team supported it without a blink and without any hesitation, they were there to support ME and my vision to help my Bravehearts.” 

– Dorothy

Breakup Coach Dorothy

Dorothy Johnson is THE coach for women and men looking to move forward from past relationships into the next chapter of their lives. Her signature program, Get Over Your Ex, has transformed the lives of Bravehearts worldwide.

We worked with Dorothy to create a custom, streamlined and totally head-to-toe branded Kajabi site for her Braveheart Academy.

In this project we rebuilt the GOYE program from the ground up, adding new features like Braveheart feedback, a coaching call calendar, streamlined call replays and a full blown community for all of her programs.

Dorothy’s project was a delight and it was so fun bringing our design skills to every minute detail of this beautiful program portal.

Emily D. Baker

Emily is everyone’s favorite legal commentator – host of the Emily Show, fabulous youtube, and former LA Deputy D.A. Her brand is all about cutting out the bullsh*t and talking about FACTS through her expert lens and past experience.

Emily came to us after making a huge pivot in her business focusing fully on content creation and legal commentary. She desperately needed a website overhaul to represent her new business model and feel more authentic to her brand and vibe.

We designed Emily a fully dark website with so many fabulous features like social stats trackers, articles pages with sticky outlines for enhanced user experience, and a podcast page that entices listens right on her site.

“We are so happy and proud of our site, and we get compliments from our clients about it daily. We feel confident that everything is well designed, well documented, and that it will serve us well for years to come.”

– Clotilde

Change ma Vie : Mode d’emploi

Change ma Vie is a powerful coaching brand, owned by Clotilde + host of the most-listened-to personal development podcast in France.

Clotilde came to us looking to implement a membership community centering on the tactical & practical side of the concepts discussed on her podcast and in her coaching.

We created a rich, high-end membership portal incorporating videos, an integrated calendar, progress trackers, and more. The opening of Change ma Vie : Mode d’emploi was one of the most profitable and successful launches we have been a part of.

The design emphasized professionalism & a modern flair with winks at traditional styles.

“She is exceedingly patient, exceptionally detail-oriented, a tireless problem-solver, and brings her whole heart and passion to a project. Everyone should be lucky enough to have someone as dedicated and smart as Sam to bring your website to life.”

– Rachel

Rachel Hart

Rachel is the host of the wildly popular Take a Break podcast and the creator of the Take a Break program where she coaches women through their relationship with alcohol.

This was a dream project for us – with so much rich content & a robust program, we enjoyed uncovering the best way to not only organize her online space, but make a user experience that was meaningful to her community and clients.

We designed & developed a public-facing site for hosting her podcast, sales pages for the program, and opt ins for her many free resources. In addition, we rebuilt the entire Take a Break Program from the inside out, adding helpful user functionality like a drinking & program tracker for users to track their progress.

“Sam & the team were always on time, did what they said they would and made the process fun! Sam was my last hope for a beautiful site and she delivered beyond my expectations. She is worth every single penny!”

– Jen

Jen Rozenbaum

Jen is one of the most inspirational women we have had the pleasure of working with. An established, credible & talented boudoir photographer, Jen’s story is unique – she is also a breast cancer survivor.

We built her main website as a hub for all of the different facets of her brand – photography, podcasting & breast cancer resources.

Naturally, as a website for a photographer, this needed to be a space with lots of full-width images & fun quirky design elements to match her flair.

One of the best parts about Jen’s brand is her knowledge and resources – so between her personality and stories, we created functional ways for her to share her favorite products, tips, content, etc. 

“Sam & team were FANTASTIC. Creating a high-quality, purposeful website was really important to me but I knew I did not have the personal skills to pull it off. I am confident in where my business is headed. Thank you friends!”

– Camila

Camila Arri-nudo

Camila came to us completely ready to show up online and have a website that pulled together her different skills and offerings.

We restyled one of our website kits to create a highly functional, easy to navigate website positioned to help a visitor find what they need.

Camila is a bold individual, so it was important her website truly reflected that – no rose golds over here!

One of our favorite pages was the Work With Me page where we created a simple visual experience where a user can self-select what type of work they are looking for. This created a clear customer journey with all roads leading to obvious calls to action.

“They went above and beyond with the design, the level of service, professionalism, organization, and the extra attention given to the project from start to finish. My expectations were at a level 10 and she delivered at a 20!”

– Tonya

Tonya Rineer

We absolutely love working with clients who have huge visions, lots of content to share and are looking for ways to meaningfully organize and actualize their content for their visitors.

Tonya’s project was exactly that – she is a wealth of information and resources, but didn’t quite have a solid strategy for a clear customer journey.

We created a jaw-dropping website that effortlessly infused her unique brand AND created a user roadmap leading a visitor to the resources and content most suited for their needs.

With this seamless client journey, we emphasized helping a visitor get from the homepage to their most aligned free resource and ultimately to their best-suited offer. Tonya’s website is truly a digital universe.

Hey there,

I’m Sam Munoz.

I’m just going to say it – I LOVE building websites. Ever since I was a kid, I have had an insane fascination with all things coding + online. My first website was a blog and “shop” for The Sims and I learned my first lines of HTML & CSS playing Neopets.

After securing my B.S. in General Engineering, I found my way back to coding + pulled in my engineering education in systems, project management, and problem-solving to start Sam Munoz Consulting, LLC in January 2018.

I joyfully wake up knowing I get to play & creatively design and develop websites…using my talents and tech skills to build up other women and help THEM share their mission with the world.

I love to sing karaoke, play Animal Crossing with my little one, dance like no one’s watching (which is preferable) and drink nothing but water, coffee & Moscow mules.

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