I eat tech problems for breakfast.

I am the predator.

You know all those things you want to do in your business, but the tech part scares the living daylights out of you? The stuff that looks like this…


… this stuff is my super power.

Greetings, fellow human!

*spock emoji*

I’m Sam, your go-to girl for all those techy problems that make you want to smash your computer.

Put down the hammer and instead, let me help you out. (but seriously put that hammer down first, okay thanks!).


I like what I like, and what I like is fixing people’s problems.

My technical background is in engineering and programming – so ya know I’m legit.


You can scan my credentials here!


I’m also an entrepreneur myself, so I know exactly what kinds of tech issues you’re likely to run into and exactly how to fix them.


I run a highly successful blog, wrote a book & created a membership space for intentional parents.

So, how can I be your Wonder Woman?

Emergency Tech Support

For those hair-pulling moments when all you want to do is scream because your newsletter pop up just won’t go away.

I got you. I offer emergency tech support in the following areas:

  • WordPress plugin support
  • WordPress theme installation and debugging
  • Divi installation and support
  • Ontraport emergency support

Build a Membership Site

You have this incredible plan – to build a thriving online community (that people pay you every month to be a part of). I know the work it takes to create an incredible membership space, I did it myself.

Let’s map out and execute a plan to create this space. I will help you:

  • Brainstorm a path to creating your perfect membership space
  • Execute the plan and all the technical aspects and setup
  • Continued support and tutorials to help you continue to grow

WordPress Support

I am a believer that the tools we introduce into our businesses has an impact on the way we can run them (and the number of times you need to call emergency tech support).

So, invest in the best, WordPress. I can assist in all things WordPress including:

  • Site Migration (from one domain to another)
  • WordPress installation and setup on brand new sites
  • Theme setup, support & changes
  • Full blown web design

Don't know what you need help with? Let's chat.