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How to Securely Send Passwords Via LastPass

Hey, I get it - as online business owners our clients or the people we hire are often virtual, so handing them a slip of paper with our password on it isn’t the most feasible thing to do (carrier pigeon, anyone)? However, with hackers & other nefarious parties on...

How to Schedule an Email In Gmail

More likely than not, you have hours when your business is available (whether you run a physical or online business). BUT what if the only time you have available to answer emails is outside of those business hours...say in the middle of the night when your kids are...

How to Copy and Paste with Divi

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could copy and paste things throughout your website to give it a great cohesive look (without having to rebuild it on each page)? Well, you’re in luck because the epic Divi Theme by Elegant Themes provides that opportunity! In this...

Website Updates For The New Year

Keeping your website up to date every time a new year comes around is a big deal - not only does it make you look more professional, it is also important from a legal perspective as well. Make sure to follow these quick and simple Website Updates for the New Year...

How to Set up a Coming Soon Page on WordPress

You’ve been hard at work on your website but you just aren’t ready to let anyone see it yet. Lock your website away until you are ready to launch it officially by setting up a fun coming soon page! This tutorial will walk you through how to set up a coming soon page...

How to Start a WordPress Website In Easy Three Steps

Starting a Wordpress website seems like it might be super complicated (thanks in part to ads from other companies claiming it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do!) but the truth is - there are only three things you really need to do to start a Wordpress website....

Mastermind Retreat 2019: Full Weekend Recap & Takeaways

Mid-October 2019 I spent an incredible, action-packed weekend with my “Mastermind Girls” as I call them & received such a huge response from the community to share about it that I decided to write a blog post. In this post, I’ll briefly share the impact having a...

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