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How to Start a WordPress Website In Easy Three Steps

Starting a Wordpress website seems like it might be super complicated (thanks in part to ads from other companies claiming it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do!) but the truth is - there are only three things you really need to do to start a Wordpress website....

Mastermind Retreat 2019: Full Weekend Recap & Takeaways

Mid-October 2019 I spent an incredible, action-packed weekend with my “Mastermind Girls” as I call them & received such a huge response from the community to share about it that I decided to write a blog post. In this post, I’ll briefly share the impact having a...

Divi Video Module: How to embed from Youtube & Vimeo

Divi is one of the best page building themes out there - and we love the video module provided with Divi! It is so easy to embed a video from Youtube & Vimeo (spoiler alert: you don’t even need to copy any code, just the video URL). In this post we’ll walk you...

Our Favorite Office Tech Gadgets for Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it, friend -- as an entrepreneur you spend countless hours working in your office space. So it makes sense that investing in quality tech gadgets can maximize your productivity as a small business owner. Plus, having fun tech gadgets in your office can help...

How to Hide Any Part of a Divi Template No Coding Required!

Whether you’ve downloaded an Effortless Web Kit or another Divi page template pack, there may be parts of the pages you just don’t want to show for now. Instead of deleting the entire section, row, or module you can simply hide it until you are ready to display it!...

How to Setup an Autoresponder in Gmail

Establishing an autoresponder for your business email is an excellent way to look professional, set boundaries & expectations for your clients and give clear next steps. Plus, it allows YOU as the business owner to step away and take a break. In this short video...

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