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I absolutely LOVE using Google Docs for my business. I use it to brainstorm ideas, to plan client projects and outlines, to take notes for sales calls, and of course for content creation! These are my simple and top TWO Google Docs Tips to SIMPLIFY content creation for online business owners that have made my life so much easier.

We know everyone learns differently – if you prefer video, please watch the video tutorial above! If you’re more of a step-by-step person, we’ve written out the steps below.


TIP #1 – Use docs.new to create a new google doc

I got this tip from my awesome friend, Emily Baker and it has been such a time saver! When inspiration strikes and you just want a place to write down your thoughts or you want to become a keyboard connoisseur this tip is amazing.

Instead of navigating TO Google Drive or Google Docs, you can simply just type in docs.new into your Chrome browser and BOOM up pops a brand new google doc, created in the account you’re currently logged into.

I love using this when I want to take quick notes during a meeting or when I feel suddenly inspired to create a piece of content & I want to make sure it doesn’t go into a random folder on my computer, but rather gets stored with all of my other content.

TIP #2 – Use Voice Typing in Google Docs

Now this is the feature I use more than anything else. When I want something to really sound like it’s in my voice, I use the Voice Typing feature available right in google docs!

Simply navigate to Tools > Voice Typing and then click “record” to get started.

Because it’s google (and let’s be real, they’re awesome) this is one of the best voice to text tools I have ever used – it does a great job cutting out all of the “umms” and dead space (or weird ways I say words).

Yes you will still have to edit, BUT your words will come through in YOUR voice.

This is a REALLY great tool to use when you want to share content like: your story, your mission, your beliefs, motivation for your audience, a long-winded blog post with your thoughts and musings.

I use it for writing social media posts, blog posts (in fact, this entire feature I wrote for StarterStory I did with Voice Typing and then edited later!), and even emails to my list!
Content creation can be hard.
I didn’t want to end without acknowledging that for a lot of us, content creation can be super hard.

Although it’s not necessary at all to grow your business, if you want more eyes on your website (and therefore more opportunities for clients and leads) content creation will be a part of your strategy.

My biggest tip is to batch your content creation when you’re inspired and use the above tips to make it EASIER and to take away another barrier from writing and creating!

What is YOUR favorite google doc tip? Is there something I should be trying?! Pop into the Tech With Intention community & share it with the group!

Content creation can be HARD - learn my top 2 google docs tips to simplify content creation for online business owners. @hellosammunoz www.samanthamunoz.com

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