Having a powerful top call to action bar can increase the conversion power of your website. This highly effective banner shows up on every page and is a constant reminder to your visitor of the #1 way to take the next step with you. In this tutorial, we show 3 ways to implement a top bar call to action on your WordPress website. 2 of the methods require you have the Divi theme on your website, and 1 will work on any WordPress site.

We know everyone learns differently – if you prefer video, please watch the video tutorial above! If you’re more of a step-by-step person, we’ve written out the steps below.

How to add a Top Call to Action Bar in WordPress
– Step by Step

Method 0ne: Use the HelloBar free plugin
1. Download and install the HelloBar plugin.
2. Create a free HelloBar account.
3. Select Target a URL
4. Select Hello Bar.
5. Customize your Hello Bar design, content and target URL.
6. Publish your changes.
7. Copy your site snippet and add it to your website by going to Dashboard > HelloBar.
Note: If your HelloBar doesn’t display on your website immediately, go back to your HelloBar account and change your display settings.
Method Two: Use the Divi Theme Builder
1. If you have the Divi theme, go to Divi > Theme Builder.
2. Select Default Website Template and create a global header.
Note: With this method, you’ll need to recreate your menu using the Menu module.
3. Create the top bar call to action by adding a new section with a single row.
4. Add a text section and add the content for your call to action.
5. Customize your content and link your target URL.
6. Save changes.
7. Adjust the padding in the Section settings and give the section a bold background color.
Tip: You can also add your target URL to the entire section for easier access on mobile devices.
Method Three: Use an Effortless Website Kit with a Built-In CTA Bar
1. From your Effortless Website Kit, go to Theme Customizer and add your call to action in the Make It Yours section.
2. Publish changes.

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