Summary: Pinterest is such an incredible way to grow your website traffic (which ultimately means more eyes on your strategically positioned website)! In this tutorial I walk through how to HIDE Pinterest Images in your blog posts so they show up with social sharing tools but don’t clutter up your blog posts with extraneous images.

We know everyone learns differently – if you prefer video, please watch the video tutorial above! If you’re more of a step-by-step person, we’ve written out the steps below.

Code Snippets to Hide Pinterest Images

Put this code in Theme > Customizer > Additional CSS

Use this code within your blog post to hide the image!

How to HIDE Pinterest Images in your WordPress Blog Posts – Step by Step

Step 1:
The first thing you want to do is navigate to Theme > Customizer > Additional CSS.

Here you’ll want to pop the code from the snippets above. This code serves to HIDE (via “display: none” anything within that DIV class).

Step 2:
Now, navigate to a blog post where you want to hide an image.

Add the image via the WordPress media library to your post.

NOTE: If you want to add ALT TEXT do this before you add the image (it’s easier!). This text can be helpful as it is sometimes pulled for the Pinterest description, but it is mostly helpful for SEO – as you can add your keyword here to make your blog post more searchable.

Navigate to the “TEXT” section of the blog post (so you can see the “code” side of the post).

Copy the SECOND code snippet from above and paste it just below the image code.

Take the image code and replace the word “IMAGE CODE” in the code snippet.

Now, when you preview your post – the image is HIDDEN!

The best part about using this process to hide your Pinterest images?

Your social sharing platforms will still pick up that the image is there so you can pin it to Pinterest and any visitor can as well! It’s a win-win!

P.S. If you want to learn more about PINTEREST as a platform and how to use it for your service-based business, I highly recommend you check out Heather Farris. She is our go-to Pinterest genius and we love learning from her!

Learn how to hide Pinterest images within your WordPress blog posts so you can grow your website traffic and keep your blog posts clutter-free.. @hellosammunoz

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