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We absolutely love Canva here at SMC – we use it for everything from social media post creation, snagging unique stock photography, and creating imagery for our website. One of the best features of Canva Pro account is the ability to upload your own brand fonts. It’s simple and a great way to make sure your brand stays cohesive across all of your graphics & visuals. In this tutorial, we walk through how to upload fonts to Canva, so let’s dive in.

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How to Upload Fonts to Canva – Step by Step

1. Log into your Canva Pro Account
You’ll need to have a Canva Pro account in order to upload fonts. Once you’ve signed up for Canva Pro, make sure you have your font file available for upload.

2. Navigate to the Brand Kit Page
Head over to Canva Pro’s left sidebar and then select Brand Kit.

3. Upload Your Font File
Find the Uploaded Fons section on the Brand Kit page, and click the Upload Font button. Upload your font file. Be sure to unzip your font file first.

4. Refresh your browser
Once your font file is uploaded, refresh your browser and it will be available to use in your designs.

We love using Canva for our business - and with Canva pro you can upload your own fonts. Learn how to upload fonts to Canva in this simple tutorial. www.samanthamunoz.com

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