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Today I want to paint two pictures for you. The first is a story that might sound all too familiar to you – a story of a woman who is running a business where she has to be on and available 24/7. She has to walk her clients through the entire process of getting to know her, sharing her expertise, and taking that next step with her. A story where she misses out on clients and opportunities unless she sacrifices her life. The second is a story of the opposite – a story of ease and confidence.

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Story 1: Exhausted, Overworked & No Autonomy.

You frantically shut off your computer before sending one last email trying to book a call with a referral – SHIT it’s 3:05 pm and you’re late getting your kids from school.

You get home and instead of being able to cook dinner together & spend some time with your family, you have to rush back to your desk to finish sending over your portfolio PDF to that lead.

All through bedtime, you’ve got it on your mind – I totally forgot to send them a link to book a call with me but I don’t want to send them a 3rd email when they haven’t responded yet.

You go to bed, a little stressed because you know they are a perfect client for you – but maybe you screwed up the opportunity because you weren’t organized.

You wake up in the morning and quickly check your email – no new prospects. Someone opted into your email list…but you don’t have anything to do with them after that – the freebie that does nothing.

Now? Well now it’s time to show up in 15 different places, work on that course you’ve been putting off, create another freebie and frantically hop onto a call you’ve scheduled with a prospective client but they have no idea what you can do for them. You KNOW you are good at what you do, but you just can’t seem to connect with them & communicate how great you are at this job. The lead falls through & the cycle repeats.


Story 2: Confidence & Ease.

You stretch and yawn – it’s been a good, productive day. It’s 3 PM and you’re ready to pick your kids up from school (or shut off the zoom calls for their virtual school) and call it a day.

You close your laptop and feel peaceful – you served your clients so well today and you’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

You enjoy dinner with your family, send the kids off to shower & give goodnight kisses & then you end the night with some cross-stitching while you watch West Wing before putting on a face mask and crawling into bed.

In the morning you wake up, do your awesome morning routine (coffee, a nice breezy walk, and a yummy breakfast) before settling into work for the day.

You open your laptop and discover you have 2 new client calls on your calendar for the day – yay! These are prospective clients who’ve seen your work on your website & have been able to take action and book that next step with you without any back and forth from you.

You’re ready and prepared for those calls and you totally crush it when you get on the phone with them – because you’re an EXPERT at what you do and after all, you serve from the heart.

You book those projects and give yourself a high five because, hey, you were able to do that with ease! It wasn’t stressful, it wasn’t sales-y – you just put your best foot forward, showcased your skillset & flexed your expertise.

By the time they got on the phone, they were pretty sold anyway because they’d had time to see testimonials from other clients, they knew exactly what you could offer to them & felt they already had an idea of who you were before you even chatted.

And now? Well, now it’s time to cash in on those client projects, book a restful weekend at a local B&B, and enjoy the life you’ve created.


You can experience that relaxed, assured & confident feeling when you SIMPLIFY and STREAMLINE.


  • You ARE a unique service provider who offers a different perspective & approach to the work you do – that’s not the problem. The problem is your ability to share what makes you special, what you stand for and create an opportunity for a client to CONNECT with you.


  • You ARE amazing at what you do – that’s not the problem. The problem is your ability to effectively and simply COMMUNICATE that to a client.


  • You are lacking CONVERSION opportunities for potential clients – making it simple for them to show genuine interest in your offers and giving THEM the empowerment to take their next step (instead, your journey is so abstract & multi-directional that they don’t know where to go next and feel lost and confused – so they end up not making a decision about you at all).

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In today’s video & post I walk through how to wake up to a full calendar of discovery calls and successful referrals - through strategy & simplicity.@hellosammunoz www.samanthamunoz.com

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