Is your website actually HURTING your business?

You want your website to help you BOOK CLIENTS for your business, but the longer you leave it a disorganized & overcomplicated disaster, the more it could be negatively impacting your business growth.

Stop trying to do it alone!

Launch a SIMPLE & STREAMLINED website with our help.

The Launched in 60 Program

Launched in 60 is an accelerated website coaching, strategy & launching group program.
It’s specifically crafted for women service providers & coaches who are ready to have a website that helps them book leads & clients.

Currently Enrolling for January 4, 2021 start day!

Enrollment closes November 30th. Prework begins December 1st.

You’re an expert at your craft and you’re eager to book more clients & see financial growth, but…


You don’t have your mission & values laid out clearly for your dream clients to connect with you.


You are embarrassed by your disorganized, overwhelming website so you don’t send potential clients to it.


You have too many different services, products, and offers – so no one knows exactly what to hire you for or how.


You don’t have a clear way for someone to take the next step & work with you directly from your website.


You’ve overcomplicated the backend of your business with tools & things you don’t need, impacting your ability to run a simple, service-based business.

Girlfriend, are you ready to run a wildly successful, simplified business & have a website in support of that?

Launched in 60 – Qualification Criteria

By design, this program is not for everyone. In order to successfully deliver the results we provide to our clients, it is important that each Launchette™ meet specific qualifications.

This was Created For:


Women Service Providers & Coaches who want to wake up to a full calendar of “next step” calls, booked directly from their WordPress website.


Women Service Providers & Coaches who are ready to run a more streamlined & simplified business so they can build the foundations for massive growth.


Women Service Providers & Coaches who want to feel deeply connected to their business mission & values – and convey that greater purpose to their communities.


Women Service Providers & Coaches who want to convert referrals that they are so right for with ease.


Women Service Providers & Coaches who are ready to be empowered & own their expertise like the badass they are.

This was Not Created For:


Excuse-makers who aren’t willing to put in the time & energy required to build a solid foundation for a business and website.


Beginners. This program is about refining your existing business & website to shape it for future growth.


People who don’t want to learn, implement, experiment & tweak. We will expect you to do the work and boldly put in the effort.

When created strategically, your website becomes a community-building, calendar-filling, money-making machine.

And honestly, that is freedom.

The Launched in 60 Approach

We do our work from the inside out.

You can’t expect to run a streamlined business when you’ve built it thus far by listening to different “Gurus” telling you about all the extra stuff you need:

1,000 freebies that lead to nowhere.

14 different tech tools you don’t even know how to use or why you have them.

A business model that is more suited for “passive income” when you’re running a SERVICE BASED business.

Instead, we keep it simple.

with the 3 C’s Framework.


Connect with your visitors. Get in touch with YOUR story, values & mission. Connect with your potential clients by sharing the heart behind your business, what makes you different than all of the rest who do what you do.


Communicate your expertise. No more long sales pages or freebie PDFs to show your skills, simply convey how GOOD you are at what you do and HOW you can support a client. Flex your credentials, share exactly what services you provide, showcase testimonials & case studies, and book the client.


Convert into a lead or client. Getting on the phone or into a one on one conversation with someone will always convert better than a static freebie on your website. Determine your clear entry point to becoming a client and make THAT the star of your website.

The Launched in 60 Format

Although 60 days sounds like a lot of time, we are packing tons of work into 8 weeks (+ a bonus month of prework)

In order to fulfill our promise to you,  we believe in STRATEGY & GUIDANCE – you’ll know exactly what you should be working on and when throughout the program.

The Prework

The month before your program officially begins you will be introduced to the community & given prework assignments to get your heart & mind aligned for this work.

You will block off the space on your calendar, receive guidance to get your photos & headshots in order for your website, and perform a business health check on your current offerings & business foundations.

The Coaching

Once the program begins, we will meet as a group at the beginning and end of each week for 8 weeks.

The first call of the week is a class where one of our coaches will teach about that week’s topic. The weekly topics are as follows:

  • Week 1 – Branding Basics
  • Week 2 – Tech Foundations
  • Week 3 – Copywriting & About
  • Week 4 – Services & Results
  • Week 5 – Contact & Connect
  • Week 6 – Homepage & Finalizing
  • Week 7 – Launch Prep
  • Week 8 – Launch Week!!

The second call of the week is a Q&A to ask questions and receive live feedback. We don’t end a Q&A call until all questions are answered.

All calls are stored in the membership portal for your lifetime access.

The Community

Digging through the work of this program & receiving feedback would be hard to do in a vacuum, so we created the Launched in 60 Slack Community to support you along the way.

Not only are each of your Launchette Sisters in the Slack community, sharing & receiving feedback (and a funny GIF from time to time) all of the Launched in 60 Coaches are in Slack ready to answer questions and cheer you on.

You will never go more than 1 business day without a response.

The Website Kit

The goal of this program is NOT for you to become a web designer in 60 days, we want to help you LAUNCH a website that is built to help your business succeed.

Reinventing the wheel is not in alignment with our mission, so we provide every launchette with a pre-built, plug & play website template that is suited for her industry and brand.

Women We’ve Impacted


“I was embarrassed by my old website, but Sam Munoz Consulting helped set me up with a beautiful website. I get tons of compliments from clients and colleagues. It is very functional and visually appealing while allowing me space to be specific about my business. Far from holding me back, my current website has helped my business blossom and grow. As business grows, the website adapts easily and beautifully with me.”

– Ann Aspnes, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist


“This was the BEST decision business decision I’ve made this year! If you’re ready to make a switch then I highly recommend The Effortless Website Kits. You don’t need to know coding to do this….all you need to know is how to push play and follow the steps. Once you learn how to setup your new site, you can run it all with ease. AND what’s best about the whole processes….you have Sam Munoz for support if you need it. She’s always there to answer your questions and guide you.

– Leslie Laws, OBM & Social Media Manager


“Sam & team were FANTASTIC. Creating a high-quality, purposeful website was really important to me but I knew I did not have the personal skills to pull it off. The process was so smooth, from working with Lilah and having her professional input, to Sam’s feedback on copy. I am confident in where my business is headed. Thank you, friends!”

– Camila Arguello, Mindset & Alignment Coach


“Sam and her team were top-notch with detailed instructions, timing, etc. I now have a brand new updated website on a new platform that I can now manage very easily on my own. Their video tutorials to help along the way were helpful as well. I cannot speak highly enough of them if you want something clean and simple and easy to manage on your own.”

– Diana Proemm, Recreational Therapist

This is exactly the kind of empowerment & support you’ve been seeking in your business.

In order to ensure we can serve you well, we want to make sure we are a good fit. Simply book your suitability call & fill out the application via the link below to get started. If the stars align, you’ll be accepted into the program and ready to commit!

We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism at Sam Munoz Consulting. We believe each and every soul matters and inherently deserves to be respected.

Inclusion in Action

Some of the ways we are committed to honoring our commitment to diversity are through: investing in BIPOC & POC owned businesses, hiring with integrity and fairness, and lifting up womxn from all walks of life through our business. We are in perpetual pursuit of running an equitable business and welcome any opportunities to grow in this area.

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