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You are worthy of and deserve a streamlined website & business that serves you well. However, you might be succumbing to limiting beliefs that are holding you back from a streamlined website. The most common frustrations I hear from our community and clients is that they are either “not good at tech”, or they don’t know what to put on their website. In today’s video, I go through these two limiting beliefs, as well as what can happen when you start to shift them.

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Limiting Belief #1 – “I’m not good at tech”

First of all, I want to address that this is a completely normal thing to feel. Things like tech and code and websites and development are scary words that can bring out fear in a lot of us.

However, as I spoke about in a previous video about why you don’t need a custom website you don’t need to be a web developer to have an amazing website there are so many helpful tools out there that will help you create a fantastic website without all of those technical skills.

For example, our effortless website kids are made for people who don’t know how to code. All you do is you follow the step-by-step instructions provided…and then boom you have a website!

You shouldn’t need to be a web developer in order to create a website for your business.

You just need to show up with your expertise and implement a website that has been strategically created. How great would it feel if instead of being afraid of tech you could learn bits and pieces that you needed and were required for you? Simply following a framework.


Limiting Belief #2 – “I don’t know what to put on my website”

Not knowing what to put on your website really comes down to not knowing the path that you want your potential customer or client to take in order to work with you. It reflects perhaps a disorganized business model that is not streamlined.

One of the reasons this ends up happening to a lot of business owners is because there are a lot of people out there telling us we need more and more and more in our business. For example, you may have created an opt-in or a course or a webinar for your business which is distracting you from the core essentials that you really do need to put on your website (a solid about page, a place for someone to see what all of your 1:1 services are and a way to hire you).

When you have so many different things offered, of course, it’s not clear what you should put on your website! It’s a totally understandable frustration and limiting belief that’s taking you away from having that streamlined website & business.


In order to shift away from these limiting beliefs you really have to believe two very important things.

The first thing you need to believe is that if you have guidance and clarity over the tech required for your website, that you CAN have a great website for your business. You have to believe that you don’t have to be a web developer or a tech-sleuth in order to have the website.

The second thing you need to believe is that if you streamline your core business model and cut out extra distractions, you will know exactly what to put on your website & it will become a machine for your business – filling your discovery calls calendar and your client roster.


When you make these shifts – when you start to believe that the tech side ISN’T going to stop you, when you start to believe that you don’t have to listen to the advice to do and create ALL OF THE THINGS you unlock some amazing fruit:

  • You have a website you feel CONFIDENT sending people to
  • You have a business that is simple and YOURS (not a cookie-cutter idea from someone else)!!
  • You’re running a manageable business (where you can list out your offers on an index card instead of a poster board)


Here’s the ultimate benefit of shifting these limiting beliefs:

Once your website is well positioned & refined, you shouldn’t need to log into it hardly ever – until you start scaling and growing content. Your business will be a well-oiled machine where you can wake up energized to work and feel confident shutting off for the night.

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You might be succumbing to these limiting beliefs that are holding you back from a streamlined website and business - here’s how to overcome them. @hellosammunoz www.samanthamunoz.com

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