Our Favorite Office Tech Gadgets for Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it, friend — as an entrepreneur you spend countless hours working in your office space. So it makes sense that investing in quality tech gadgets can maximize your productivity as a small business owner. Plus, having fun tech gadgets in your office can help you show up to work every day with more intention, which makes running your business that much more awesome. Looking for a little home office space inspiration? Here’s a short video with a list of our favorite tech gadgets for entrepreneurs.

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12 Tech Gadgets for Entrepreneurs

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1. Logitech C922x HD Webcam

This webcam is great for filming live streams for social media or video content for clients. It’ll add a high quality and professional look to your videos, which will wow your followers and clients.

2. Apple iMac

We love using this Apple iMac for developing websites on one big screen. We’ve got the whole suite of Apple products and we love how everything links together. Airdropping files from the iMac to the Macbook Pro was a breeze.

3. Macbook Pro

I’ve used the Macbook Pro to grow my business from day one. If you’re a graphic designer or web developer, you’re going to need a device that can handle powerful tools and software without slowing down. In general, investing in a computer is a good idea when you’re an online business owner. You’ll be more productive with this essential laptop.

4. Sony Bluetooth Speaker

We take this bluetooth speaker everywhere from the office to the beach. It’s rugged and has lasted us for years. If you like listening to music while you work you’ll love the way the audio sounds coming out of this.

5. Blue Yeti Mic

We recommend the Blue Yeti Mic if you’re going to record a lot of videos for clients or social media content. It’ll take your audio quality to the next level by making your audio sound crisp and clear. reducing background noise.

6. “Clicky” Mechanical Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard will add a pop of color to your home office space with its light-up feature. It makes a fun “clicky” sound when you type, and we totally geek out of that. The ergonomic design makes typing easier on your hands and wrists.

7. Ergonomic Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is another must for supporting good ergonomics while you’re sitting at your desk. It brings your laptop up to your eye level so you can sit up straight and reduce pain in your neck and shoulders. Your posture will love you for it.

8. 4-Port USB Hub

With this USB hub, you can use one USB port to plug in up to four gadgets.  If you’ve ever had to choose between plugging in one USB gadget or another into your laptop, this hub will be a game changer.

9. Wireless Mouse

This wireless mouse also makes working from your laptop much easier and more comfortable. You can store the USB plug in it which is great for traveling or when you’re working in a cafe. If you’re doing any graphic design, using a mouse will make working on your projects much easier.

10. Ergonomic Mouse Pad

An ergonomic mouse pad is another must-have tech gadget for every entrepreneur.  It’ll support for your wrist while you work so you don’t risk injury. Bonus — this one looks really cool. Who doesn’t love a cactus?

11. Selfie Stick

Selfie stick?  Really?  Okay, we know this sounds silly. You can use this to prop up your phone while you record videos for live streams or so you can take branded photos for Instagram that don’t show your arm.

12. Ring Light

This ring light will absolutely improve the quality of your photos and videos. It connects via USB (hello, USB hub!) and you can adjust the settings so the light shines in different warm or cool tones.

As with most everything in my life, I’m very intentional about what I purchase in my business and what I put in my office space. Everything listed above are tech gadgets that we use every day.

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