Your website needs to accomplish 3 specific things, in order to help you book clients, which we break down into the 3 C’s Framework. The 3 C’s Framework includes: connect, communicate & convert – and your website needs ALL three to be strategically positioned for your service-based or coaching business. If you’re missing even just one, you’re missing out.

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The 3 C’s Framework

Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the things your website should have on it – instead, for your service-based or coaching business, simply follow the 3 C’s: connect, communicate & convert.


CONNECT with your visitor.

It’s not enough to just be a service provider or coach with a specific niche – you need to take the time to figure out what distinguishes you from the rest of the other people who do what you do.

The connection piece has to do with the heart and soul behind your business. Your mission, your values, your story, your fun & quirky facts that make you special.

You are not the only person out there who does what you do, BUT you are the only one who does it in the WAY that you do and it is your story and personality that differentiates you.

Especially because you run an online business, you have to create that initial “handshake” somehow – and connecting via your website is a great way to create that in the digital world. This first impression is what helps someone move into the next “C” of your website.


COMMUNICATE your expertise.

Communicating your expertise is two-fold. It’s about sharing WHAT you do & what makes you QUALIFIED to do it.

This is where you’re sharing things like testimonials & case studies, flexing your expertise and how good you are at the craft you offer.

It is also where you are showcasing your packages – what different tasks do you do? What do you not do? What tools do you know or utilize to get you to a result for a client? What is your PROCESS you walk clients through?

All of these things serve to help you build authority + in conjunction with a client understanding and connecting with YOU it builds trust that you are the service provider or coach they have been looking for.


CONVERT into a lead or client.

The conversion piece is the part of the 3 C’s Framework that ultimately achieves the goal of your website – which is to have a visitor CONVERT into a lead or client.

Before we move more into this section, I want to take a moment to explain what “converting” really means when it comes to your service-based or coaching website. It is one of two things.

A “conversion” is when a visitor either:

  • Takes the next step with you to start a conversation about working together (like a free or paid discovery/consultation call, filling out your contact form, etc).
  • Actually PAYS for a service you offer (if you provide a way for someone to pay for your service & sign a contract right from your website)

Depending on the type of business you run, you may or may not have both on your website (for example, if you NEED to talk with your client before they pay you – you wouldn’t have the second conversion opportunity on your website).

Either way – THIS is the piece where a visitor actually takes a step to work with you. No one is going to spend all day on your website hunting for this, so it needs to be CLEAR and OBVIOUS (with minimal other distractions standing in the way).

When you create a conversion opportunity RIGHT on your website, you are empowering your visitor to self-select what THEY need & allowing them to get the ball rolling – without you having to frantically log into your email to book a call with them. They can do that step on their own while you’re offline enjoying your life.


The result of implementing the 3 C’s Framework? CONFIDENCE.

Confidence in your business model, confidence in your website & confidence in your BRAND.

Truly when you take the time to implement all of the 3 C’s (remember – you can’t have just ONE without the others or else it doesn’t work!) you will experience confidence.

You won’t be afraid to send someone to your website. You won’t feel disconnected from your brand. Your website & business won’t be a disorganized mess because there is no clear conversion path.

We dive DEEP into this in Launched in 60 – to help you figure out for YOUR business HOW to achieve each C on your website.

Implementing the 3 C’s Framework takes time and thought but with our team, you will be held accountable, given precise and strategic feedback, and have a plan to take action. Interested in doing this work with us? I encourage you to apply for our latest cycle of Launched in 60. Click here to learn more & apply for your suitability call with Sam.

Your website needs to accomplish 3 specific things, in order to help you book clients, which we break down into the 3 C’s Framework. @hellosammunoz

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