You have a website up and running for your service-based and coaching business, but it’s just not leading to clients, sales or discovery calls. Don’t stress – the answer is quite simple. Here’s the secret to why your website isn’t converting consistently for your business.

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The SECRET to Why your Website Isn’t Converting Consistently

The secret is quite simple – your website is WAY TOO COMPLICATED. Because it has so many different options for people, there is not streamlined journey for a visitor to follow to go from just getting to know you & your content, to booking a next step call to work with you.


I like to use a MAP analogy.

Imagine being given a map. Instead of having a clear START HERE and END HERE and milestones in between, you’re given a map that has a start here…but then 1,000 different directions you can go at each point.

There is no clarity of direction, there are so many different options and avenues to get to the end goal…you’re likely to get lost, right?

How are you expected to reach the gold star at the end – the place where all of your dreams come true?

Your website should NOT be a choose your own adventure novel – those things are fun to read but don’t ever provide a clear path from beginning to end (by design!).

Your potential clients should not have to be detectives to figure out how to work with you.


Instead, let’s talk about a SIMPLIFIED & STREAMLINED Map.

This is my tried & true client journey that I implement with all of our service provider & coach clients (and it’s SIMPLE)

  • Client Lands On Your Website (a digital “handshake” or “elbow bump”)
  • Falls in love with you
  • Clicks “book a call”
  • You convert them to a client on a sales / discovery call

That. Is. It.

No free PDFs. No webinars. No email funnels. No sales pages. Just clarity, guidance and ease.

Remember this: EVERY additional option is a distraction from your primary goal & entry point. As a service provider or coach, your website has ONE goal – that is to get someone to work with you.

Resist the temptation to get distracted & build what appears on the outside to be a passive-income business when you at your heart are a service provider. At the end of the day, this simple statement is true:

A messy, overcomplicated website is a SYMPTOM of a core issue – your business model itself isn’t simplified.

You may have been building from the outside in all this time – and you can ALWAYS correct course and refine back to a business that guides clients in a streamlined way right to you.


Are you lacking a SIMPLIFIED MAP that guides your clients on your website?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people have a tendency to build their businesses from the OUTSIDE – IN which means that because there is no clarity in the destination for your clients, it ends up being a hodge-podge mess of offers and directions.

In our group coaching program, Launched in 60, we work with our clients to create a simplified customer journey and implement that on their website (refining what’s working instead of adding).

If you’re curious if you are the right fit for this program, I encourage you to apply for our latest cycle of Launched in 60. Click here to learn more & apply for your suitability call with Sam.

You have your website up and running, but it’s just not leading to clients & sales! Here is the secret to why your website isn’t converting for your business. @hellosammunoz

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