As a service provider & coach, your website should be your GREATEST asset. However, if you’re not careful – it can actually start to work AGAINST you. Today I’ve compiled 4 warning signs to help you identify – is your website HURTING your business?

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The Four Warning Signs that your Website is actually HURTING your business


1. You’re getting traffic to your website, but it’s not converting into paying clients.

You’ve looked at your analytics, you can clearly see that you’ve had traffic to your website – BUT those numbers just aren’t lining up with the number of calls on your calendar & paying clients on your schedule.

Girl, this is a problem! Of course, you shouldn’t expect that you will convert EVERY visitor that comes to your website, but if you are focusing on bringing clients ONTO the site but not capitalizing on that traffic, it’s all for nothing.


2. You are AFRAID to share your website with prospects.

If you’ve been to a networking event or you’ve met a potential client and you don’t immediately offer your website as their place to connect with you because you are afraid – that is a warning sign that it’s not working for you.

Your website should be an OBVIOUS next step for prospects because it should clearly walk them through WHO you are, WHAT you do & HOW they can work with you. If you’re feeling too embarrassed to share your website, you’re limiting your possibilities and opportunities.


3. There is no clear way to hire you.

Your website has ONE primary purpose as a service provider & coach. It needs to be an easy, breezy doorway to you – so that someone can come to it, understand how you can help them, and book the next step to work with you.

If your website is a huge mess or doesn’t have an easy way for someone to hire you, it is NOT working for your business & could potentially be hurting your business by missing that opportunity to work with a client who was ready.


4. High-quality referrals fall through

If your website is a mess of opt-ins, freebies, pop ups, navigation links, blog posts and clutter…it makes it VERY hard for someone to hire you. Related to the above, they don’t know what the next step is to working wih you.

In addition, if your website isn’t strategically positioned to highlight your strength & expertise and clearly spells out WHAT you do – you will miss out on high-quality referrals.

Your website not only needs to guide someone to their next step, it also needs to convince them that YOU are the right woman for the job (WITHOUT you having to hand-hold that referral – it can all be accomplished while you’re offline).

BY THE WAY – The answer is NOT a custom website. The answer is a more SIMPLIFIED website.


What happens when you address those Warning Signs so your website WORKS for your business.


1. You will maximize the opportunity of increased website traffic.

Once you refine your website, you will be able to actually take advantage of those amazing visibility opportunities. When you build from the INSIDE out so the step of working with you is defined – THEN seek the opportunities to fill that visitor queue it will be much more fruitful.


2. You will experience CONFIDENCE in Your website & business

Instead of shying away from opportunities to share your URL you will shout out your website from the rooftops because you KNOW that when someone gets on your website – if they are the right fit your site is positioned to convert them into a client.


3. A CLEAR next step for potential clients

Your website will become the place for leads to take their next step with you. You will look professional, your website will effortlessly guide a lead through getting to know you, trusting you as an authority and ultimately booking a discovery call with you to get started.


4. You will be positioned to convert referrals with ease.

No more perfect referrals will fall through the cracks because your website is built to help them see exactly what you offer, how you can help them AND how they can get started right away.


The answer is simplicity. I don’t believe in bells & whistles on a website – I believe in clarity and guidance.

If you are a service provider or coach and you are looking at this list thinking…”yeah, my website has a LOT of these warning signs”, first of all know that you are not alone. I have worked with women all over the world who have experienced these exact same things – and all they needed was some guidance, clarity, and refinement.

In our group coaching program, Launched in 60, we coach our clients through our exact methods to refining their website so it can become a money-making machine for their business.

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Is your website hurting your business instead of helping it? As a service provider & coach your website should be positioned to work FOR you. @hellosammunoz

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