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Although it is tempting to spend money on a custom website for your business, the truth is you don’t need it to grow. It won’t solve your problems, it won’t suddenly make your business wildly successful – because at the end of the day your website is simply a reflection of the business model within. Let’s talk about why you DON’T need a custom website to grow your service-based and coaching business – rather, you need a simple website strategy + clear guidance.

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Resist the Temptation – You Don’t Need a Custom Website

It can be really tempting when you are first starting out or when you are trying to grow your service-based or coaching business to want to invest in a really nice custom website. However, the truth is in doing that you’re truly building your business from the outside in.

Instead of focusing on building up good foundations, organized systems, streamlined services & offers, and a clear client journey & entry point – a custom website can sometimes lead us to focus more so on aesthetics. A beautiful website is great, but if it has no strategy or function behind it, it ultimately serves no purpose in your business.

A custom website with no back-end or infrastructure or journey is just a waste of your money.

There is a caveat to this and that if your website is the income-generating part of your business: for example if you have a membership site or an e-commerce site and your website needs to be custom-built in order to achieve that specific function then, by all means, invest in that custom website. However, for most of us who run service-based or coaching businesses… our public-facing website is truly just a doorway to us anyway for someone to eventually hire us for our service.

You might think you need a custom website to see sales and success but you don’t – what you need is a strategic and simplified website.

Instead of focusing on a custom website….focus rather on achieving the three C’s: connect communicate and convert.

Yes, your website should absolutely reflect you – but that can be achieved with a template and a framework through strategically using brand colors, showcasing imagery of you, or images that align with your brand in that template, and using strong copy & storytelling to bring out your individualism.

Extra bells and whistles are really great but they are unnecessary at the end of the day – they often slow down your site and they can detract and distract from the primary purpose of your website which is to hire you.

In our Launched in 60 Program we do not provide or build a custom website for our launchettes.

Rather, we use our proven website templates that have been strategically created to achieve the three C’s. We help our launchettes implement the website templates so they align best with their business and their personality and more importantly help them streamline a client into their next steps and their primary calls to action.

We’d love to work with you to create and launch a strategically positioned website that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  If this sounds like exactly what you need, I encourage you to apply for our latest cycle of Launched in 60. Click here to learn more & apply for your suitability call with Sam.

 Although it’s tempting, you don’t NEED a custom website to grow your service-based and coaching business. Period. @hellosammunoz www.samanthamunoz.com

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